IT Project Management

FH Frankfurt/Main

Last edit: 03.11.2008


In the summer term 2008, I teach three courses about "IT Project Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Fankfurt/Main.

Two courses will be held in German language, one course will be given in English.

This web page shall serve as a common umbrella for all three courses.


The courses' common E-Learning Web Site: [Key: **_**_******]


In order to achive a certificate for one of the courses you need:

  1. Inscribe to my course ( in the E-Learning web page latetest April, 21st. Name, email address, and your "Matrikel-Number" is required.
    Inscriptions later than that will not be accepted; except for extraordinary cases.
  2. The course will finish with a written exam. This will certainly not be a 'multiple-choice' test.
  3. A sample exam is available here.
  4. Diploma students need also to participate in this written exam, however their certification will not include the achieved grade.
  5. Bachelor students require some additional grades in order to inscribe for the exam. In case this can not be realised in time, please contact our secretary, Dagmar Rühl personally.




Die Nachklausur zu IT-PM wird am 18. November stattfinden. Ort und genauer Termin wird noch bekannt gegeben.

Bitte, noch einmal das "BigPicture" zu IT-PM studieren. Die Ereignisse, speziell in Hessen, in den letzten Wochen bieten genug Stoff für eine Klausur (Teammangagement, Risikomanagment und auch eine kritische Betrachtung der Börsen-SW).

Bitte, dies im Kommilitonenkreis diskutieren. Es gibt speziell bei Tom DeMarco eine kritsche Stelle, die sich mit Software-Metriken beschäftigt. Warum hat das eine fatale Folge für die Börsen-Software ? Wer sich mit Science Fiction und anderem abstrusen Zeug beschäftigt, kann auch das Beipiel der 'Hohlwelt' herbeizitieren; gleiches gilt für Astronomie vor Korpernikus. Allen diesen Modellen ist eines gemeinsam, dass auch für Software-Entwicklung und IT-Projekte massgeblich ist. Bei wem fällt der Groschen ?



The course inscription has been closed. The final list of participants is available here. This list may lack the correct spelling of some participants, for which I apologize. In addition, some participants may have failed with their inscription, because Arcor uses none-SMTP compliant SMTP Relays. Meanwhile, I have changed the settings of my email system to cope with Arcor's deficiencies. Thus, any participants using Arcor can send now their inscription without the stupid, and none-RFC compliant bounce notice, succesfully.

Course materials

Course specific materials can be found here:

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Input documents
  • Links to PM sites
  • My lectures
  • Lectures


    In case of questions, comments, corrections please don't hesitate to communicate via email. Please add the course number in the Subject line of the email ("Subject: [course] question....").

    Occasionally, I receive emails regarding IT Project Management on my former course "IT Security". Even worse, my own postings to the IT PM Moddle page end up here. The setting in Moddle seems to be broken. Please, use *only* the above mentioned email address for correspondance. I tried to fix the delivery issues with emails from "", but there seem to be still problems. Please paste and copy the contents of your intial email *with full header* and send ot to me via an other email provider, thus I have the chance to spot the problems.

    I have set up a common mailing list for the courses. You can subscribe here.

    Viewing the material

    Under Windows, I recommend 'SumatraPDF' instead of Adobe's Acrobat to view the PDF files.