4.8.2019: Sting: No Alien in New York!

As student - back in 1980 - I wrote occasionally recensions about music; the released records respectively. One of my all-time favourites were The Police [2] and in particular Sting (Gordon Sumner) [1] because of their (almost) punk music. Sting was also present as actor in 'Dune' [3] and is a gifted musician.

Centuries later, Sting is part of the establishment selling an apartment in New York (for 50 mio $) while purchasing a penthouse (20 Central Park South) for 69 mio $ [4].

It is not only my money I spend as student purchasing his records, which I believe is ok, but rather it is the omnipresence of 70'th and 80'th century music provisioned on air not leaving space for the new generation. Further, it is stoking the wealth of those musicians while they personally demanding (and paying for) tremendous space in New York City. Sting is not the only one; look at Madonna [5].

We have a problem of disparity.


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