31.12.2018: Apple, you had one job!

Last week, I upgraded my MacOS from 'Sierra' to 'Mojave' (10.14.2) [1]. While the update went well, I recognised -- apart of the marketing -- the following changes:

1. The MacOS uses now the Apple File System (APFS) which speeds up disk access (on my SSD) significantly [2].

2. Mojave still is bound to TLS 1.2. The use now 'LibreSSL 2.6.5'.

3. The DNS stub resolver can't talk proper IPv6; DNS forwards on LLU addresses (requiring the interface index to be appended by a %') is still not supported.

4. Mojave uses 'Metal' instead of OpenGL for graphic drivers [3]. This kicks out older Mac's like my MacBook Pro (2010).

Alongside with the last change, rendering quality of the graphics output (over Thunderbolt/Display Port and HDMI) became really bad. While I'm working on an 27" Cinema display, an attempt to connect with an HP 24" IPS 2K display ended up in a disaster; either as secondary or primary monitor. 4K monitors however are doing better.

It seems, that Apple has overengineered [4] the the graphic drivers not considering backward compatibility. There exist numerous complains about this issue [5]. In my case (SW engineer, lecturer, and author) display quality is most important. Apple failed here miserably given Majove. While initially Apple was praised regarding their excellent graphic capabilities, now they spoilt it all and the output 'makes my eyes bleeding' - is blurry. This is in particular true for PDF output using either Preview or Skim. However, installing the Foxit PDF reader going significantly better, as can be seen here [6].

I hope, Apple will recognise this disaster and improve their rendering agent in Happy New Year 2019.


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