9.12.2018: Tommy Robinson or Tom Robinson

While 'Tommy Robinson' today is calling for anti-EU rallys in England, we should rather reference 'Tom Robinson'.

Tom Robinson was a band leader of the 'Tom Robinson Band' back in the 70th [1,2] and a left-winged punk making music and later producing air-casts on BBC [4].

While Tom did his 'coming-out' in the 70th; he rather married and he became a father [3].

Roughly in 1981, I've written a 'music recension' in our 'Fachschaftszeitung' while studying physics in Bonn. Here, I wrote about two interesting records: The one was 'Tom Robinson': Up Agains the Wall' and ... the 'Dire Straits'. I preferred the later; it was the Punk time. However, for listenig pleasure, the Dire Straits album is my favorite now.

What did not change: Sexual emancipation and left-winged culture are correlated. Right-winged politics always tries to restrict sexualtity and to empower themself while banning people to their (restricted) moral conditions. The history of mankind tells, that sexual self-concious and self-determination is correleted with cultural and scientific progress.

Interesting to follow, that people around the globle are believing progress and freedom comes be (self-)restriction and protecting against new developments. This does not work out.


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