28.8.2018: Congrats, Karl Jabobs (@Atlas)!

After discovery of the Higgs boson [1], decays into Tau leptons and now in addition bottom quarks have been measured by the Atlas collaboration at CERN [2]. This is a remarkable progress; since the Higgs sector opens a complete new window for particle physics.

Remember: The higgs brings masses to fermions (leptons and quarks) and our understanding of an integrated theory of Quantum mechanics and Gravity requires this!

Karl Jakobs and I studied at the University in Bonn back in 1980 in the same group of High Energy physics. While (I as 'lefty') was still involved with Bubble Chambers, Karl was heading for some more advanced technologies. Other notable students I collaborated with at this time were Stephan Söldner-Rembold, now at University of Manchester [4] and Peter Schneider [5] which whom I share passion for astrophysics while sitting together in the lectures of Prof. H. Schmidt [6].


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