4.3.2018: German *Social Democrats*: Nuke this server!

The German Foreign Ministry has been 'hacked' and according to officials, 6 (six) documents ('for internal use only') have been 'kidnapped'. The attack was part of a more general action, hitting several states; in particular in Europe. [1]

While the attack seems to be performed since at least back in 2017, external intelligence offices informed the German government what is going on. In the German press, officials colportated that the 'Informationsverbund Bonn/Berlin' IVBB was subject of the attack, which however is a far exaggeration of the real facts. [2]

Though reactions on this attack are still kept 'under cover', some German politicians - in particular from the 'Social Democratic Party' (SPD) which today decided to prolongate the 'Grand Coalition' with the Christian Democratic parties - already pitch the change of the German 'Grundgesetz' in order to allow to 'destroy' the server being used for the attack. [3]

Fortunately(?), neither data nor information can be 'killed'; rather it sheds a light on the missing understanding of today's digital world. No question Sir! why the SPD is in deep shit regarding public opinion: They simply produce 'idle power' for today's demand.


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