15.7.2017: The 'Age of Aquarius'

More then 40 years ago, when I decided as teenager to start my journey into the science area, one of the songs which moved me most, was Aquarius [1] by the group named: 'Fifth Dimension' and being a part of the musical Hair [2].

Although, I never went to that musical, nor even have an CD/LP of it, 'Hair' describes a world different from the one which came effective 9/11 2001: Open minded, even sexually; pacifistic -- and touching me -- the believe in the equality of men and women and their ability to use science given intellectual sincerity and moral principals as stoking engine of the future.

The social and cultural roll back we are mostly victims of is deeply frightening and destroys not only the perspective of the young generation (even my kids), but literally the live of people in Syria, Lebanon, and not to forget Jemen. We may call this a Dark Age.

However, we neither need to lose trust in truth -- even in times of Fake News -- nor in people, in particular into those living (and teaching) those principles I am heading for. One of those humans, I have respect for, because of her intellectual and social contribution, is Maryam Mirzakhani [3] born 1977 and passed by these day [5,6]. Maryam, coming from Iran, was not only a brilliant Mathematician [4], but she was a respectable woman as well, teaching at Stanford University, and trying to defeat her cancer to the very end.

We, as individuals, have the freedom to chose our way, but life is to some extend a stochastic process, we hardly can influence: head or tails.


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