14.2.2017: The slow decline of the Giants: Al Jarreau, Michael Naura

At the age of 17 I started to become interested in Jazz. Al Jarreau's album 'Glow' [1] came out as bridge between Pop and Jazz, however I was fascinated by Jazz music with a Vibraphone: Pork Pie's 'Transitory' [2], Oregon (I participated in a grandiose concert in the 'Bonn Forum') [3], and in particular Michael Naura's 'Call' [4,5].

World Music was at it's dawn. We believed in a better future.

While the death of Al Jarreau hits the media because of his public recognition, I very much appreciate the ingenious work of Michael Naura originating from Lithuania's Klaipeda [6], I like very much. Michael Naura was able to combine European music style with momemtum of Jazz and to develop it even further.

I close this diary entry with the remark, that I never have owned a record of Michael Naura, but rather have 'Call' on audio tape: TDK Super Avilyn [7]. This cassette sounds greater than most of the current CD recordings. It is a matter of engineering and art.

Thanks Michael. Rip.


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