4.09.2016: Chancellor's defeat

Today's election in the German federal state 'Mecklenburg-Vorpommern' (MecPomm) showed a significant rate of voters for the right winged party 'Alternative für Deutschland' (AfD) [1]. While is not a surprise, it is certainly worth to see how German's Chancellor -- Frau Merkel -- is dealing with this situation.

Her historic victims can be summarized regarding Germany's domestic politics:

(1) To absorb the 'Green party' after 'Fukushima' while (verbally) banning Nuclear Plants in Germany [2] and to align their members.

(2) To calm down any 'left winged' criticism once she 'opened' German's borders for refugees in 2015 irrespectively of any cause ('Refugees are welcome!') [3], [4].

(3) To ... (what todo with AFD voters ?)

Lets see. Certainly, she still has an ace in her sleeve.


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