11.1.2016: Paul Bley The man who ruled the jazz

While the top news of today is the death of David Bowie [1], I rather would like to remind another giant in music: Paul Bley [2] passed by on Sunday, January, 3rd [3].

Though both men have made their footprints in different music genres -- David Bowie was a pop star par excellence, Plau Bley's home was avantgardistic jazz music -- together both musicians represented the leading edge of either pop or jazz. Lately, even David Bowie turned to jazz [4].

Personally, with both of them, I relate an optimistic, though rational and human view on the development of the society and men. Of course, both views come from complete different angles. Unlike the current practice to react unreasonable and on trigger, the musical heritage of both posses an intellectual deepness which uncovers merely in a second view and calms down.

We will miss their intellectual clarity. RIP.


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