26.4.2015: The 2nd Abasement of the holocaust survivors

Seventy years have passed since (1945) most of the Nazi's concentration camps have been released in 1945, like Bergen-Belsen [1] where Anne Frank [2] was murdered and in particular Ravensbrück in the federal state Brandenburg.

The german public hardly realises this historical fact, however this is a welcome oppertunity not only to remember the genocide of the armenion people but also the (almost) extinction of the jews, living in Germany. While German's Bundespräsident Gauck found harsh words against the Turks [3], he used an official presentation to find words expressing sympathy for the victims of the holocaust [4].

However, although the 90 elderly survivors of this concentration camp certainly require respect and fragile care [5], they received the same 'care' 75 years ago: While the Nazi officers had their feasts and ladies, dining in formidable circumstances [6], they were having their lunch out of the tin bowl [7].

To quote Heinrich Heine: 'They pray water and swig the wine'. What a moral desaster for Germany.


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