10.11.2014: Computer Scientists for Peace (FIfF)

Among the very many peace initiatives which were born mid 1980 because the rivaling super powers USA and Soviet Union seemed to be close to an atomic strike, the 'Forum Informatiker für Frieden' ('Forum Computer Scientists for Peace') [1] is still active and gave an impressive conference November, 7th to 9th in Kassel (Germany).

Though I was not able to particate and dispite the talks have been given in german language solely, I urge the german-aware readers of my Diary files to have a look at the talks available as video streams [3]. Of course, the conferece was centered around the NSA surveillance affair and the consequences for Germany and the political classes. Since, however, a lot of high-qualified speakers presented their oppinions, this is a good start to follow the discussion about civil rights and todays threats regarding those. The theses, outlined there, might be a good start to build up a society which is aware of the meaning of information, the abuse of those, and how to demand compliance for national institutions.


[1] www.fiff.de
[2] www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/FIfF-Der-Fall-des-Geheimen-ist-der-Fall-des-Politischen-2445106.html
[3] media.ccc.de/browse/conferences/fiffkon/2014/index.html