3.6.2014: Is Apple close to 10 power 11 ?

Yesterday, Apple (Tim Cook) announced some ehancements for iOS and MacOS X [1]. Nothing really spectacular. However, some big numbers have been announced by Tim Cook, like 130 million new iOS users last year.

For those, who are familiar with the scientific numbering scheme 130 millions is the number 130 * 106, or 1,3 * 108. Interesting enough, lets compare that whith some astrononmical numbers (now we are going to talk about 'billions' 109). A very good speech about astrophysics and cosmology (where almost everything is big numbers) were given by John Carlstrom from Chicago University, February 2014 [2] discussing the topic 'What Do Scientists Know About The Big Bang?'

John provided the following 'big numbers':

Lately, a significant amount of big bucks moved along the sales counter:

Not to mention, that Steve Ballmer 'bought' Los Angeles Clippers for 0,02 * 11 power 10 $ [7].

Let's dream for a while: Having that much solvent cash in your pocket, what can we do with it ? Feed the hungry (sustainable) ? Extinguish deseases ? Built up electrical energy store plants and technology ?

Ok. Just a dream. However, considering the little engineering efforts Apple has presented yesterday - it's a shame comparing the potential.


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