27.11.2013: Grimm's tales&lifes: Vital more then ever ....

The brother Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm where citizens of Germany, when it was still scattered back in 1800 into lots of feudal states. They lived in hessia and became famous because of their scientific analysis [1] of the history of the German language .... and their collection of public tales, which are known as Grimm's Fairy Tales [2].

Recently, some of Grimmes Fairy Tales have been banned for the US children's education, because in particular the story of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' mentions alcoholic beverage not suited for kids -- as compared to guns [3].

In particular Jacob Grimm needs to considered as a strong supporter of Germany's unity. He was elected to take a chair in the first German National Assembly, known as the Frankfurt Parliament in 1848 (Paulskirche) [4] as consequence of the March Revolution [5].

The ideas laid out here, can be considered as cornerstones of the constitutional rights of all Germans [6]:

(a) sacredness of property,
(b) right to move and reside freely,
(c) proscription of death panalty,
(d) personal freedom,
(e) privacy of correspondence,
(f) freedom of science and education,
(g) freedom of assembly,
(i) freedom of speech.

It is up to you, to compare which of those constitutional rights are currently respected by US and UK officials in spite of the NSA surveillance and the reactions of the politicians.

Even though, I recognize the development of the US as reaction of the 'CIA Pearl Harbor' regarding the 9/11 events [7], I clearly support and claim the civil rights expressed centuries ago being purred into the European constitution after the 2nd World War.


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