13.9.2013: NSA: Now we know about YOU!

After month of partial uncovering the facts about the NSA surveillance program, fog bombs from the US officials and finally the open word, that some - if not most - of the NSA program is not consistent with the laws, we now have a good impression, what the NSA is looking for ....

Cryptography seems not be broken in first place, but rather the NSA uses some weak implementations and the unconsciousness of the users regarding their own security context feeds the game.

I've compiled some material [1] about the NSA surveillance program already some month ago and disclose those now, since most of it is current knowledge. I gave this presentation 20-06-2013 in my 'IT Security' lecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt / Germany and 28-06-2013 at the Vietnamese German University VGU in Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam.

People, who need to dive deeper into cryptography, I've written a tutorial about TLS [2]. This is not yet complete, but provides more in-sight details than most of the other stuff public available.


[1] www.fehcom.net/diary/2013/NSA.pdf
[2] www.fehcom.de/qmail/smtptls.html