21.12.2012: The End of Creationism ....

While the Maya calendar predicts the doomsday for December, 21st this year [1] according to the news (and I believe we still will survive), remarkably the date might be the start of the final extinction of Creationism [2]. What happened to make me sure about that ?

As a physicist, I know that the world and the univers consists of matter and energy. Matter is constructed from leptons and quarks. Quarks are the building blocks of the atomic nucleus, while the lightest charged leptons -- the electrons -- realize the atomic shell.

Since the Big Bang, some 15 billion years ago, the complexity of matter increased, in particular in the very early days (and years) of the universe. One particular important aspect is the evolution of atoms. Starting from the easiest Hydrogen atom (with one proton and one electron only) up to the heavy atoms, like iron and uranium. In astrophysics, this nucleosynthesis is due to fading suns, and the final burst out as supernova. Now, we have measurable evidence (a proof) that this indeed is happing. The Astrophysicist measured the creation of Titanium as a result of the Supernova 1987 (SN1987A) in the Large Magellanic Could (LMC) [3].

This evolution of anorganic matter is complemented by the biological evolution carried out by mutations of living beings while adopting to external (changing) conditions. Watching tribe of coli bacteria over 25 years (and 56 thousand generations) this behavior has been testified in the lab [4].


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