25.11.2012: Gangnam Style banned in Germany ....

My daughter showed me Psy's new dance Gangnam style on her iPod. In an attempt on watch the soundclip on my Mac in HD quality, I was confronted with the fact, the new dance Gangnam style is obviously banned in Germany [1]. How that ?

The main web site of Psy refers to the YouTube displaying the inline video clip. Thus my (Opera) browsers tries to connect to YouTube directly fetching the video stream. YouTube realizes the incoming connection by means of my IP address and subsequently blocks the content requested in my URL [2].

Though Psy submitted the music clip for free on YouTube, it is censored in Germany. Not because of it's contents, but because of legal concerns [6]. Why that ?

In Germany, musicians, composers, texters, editors (the producer) may belong to the organisation GEMA [3] which can be compared roughly with the US' RIAA [4]. As a music user (either as consumer, or performer, playing the registered music material) you need to pay royalties to the GEMA which in turn has the producer on it's payroll.

In turn, if you don't pay the royalties to the GEMA, you are not permitted to use this material. In fact, even Germany's schools and kindergarden need to pay GEMA fees [7], while chanting christmas songs ...

Strange enough, due to the monopolistic situation of the GEMA in Germany, it's 'umbrella' is not restricted to German music but covers ANY music [5]. It certainly helps to understand this situation, considering that the predecessor of the GEMA was the STAGMA, raised by the NAZIs in 1933.


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