13.11.2012: General Patraeus: Make Love, not War!

The affair of former General Patraeus, and former head of CIA and his resignment hits not only the US from coast to coast, but is also under intense discussion in Europe. Certainly, I don't know how many people, combatants, innocent people, women, and children ('collaterale murder' [1]) have been killed under the command of General Patraeus in Iraq and Afghanistan, I personally find it relieving that Mr. Patraeus finally faced his skyfall [2] by means of the most human emotions: falling in love with an attractive woman and jealousy of another.

Mr. Patraeus was entitled director of CIA by president Barack Obama in September 2011 [3] and finally needed to resign four days ago, after a published sex-affair with Ms. Paula Broadwell, member of the US Army as well and author of his biography.

Obviously, Mr. Patraeus was not able to spell the letters of his organisation correctly: C (onfidentially), I (ntegrity), A (vailability), since the emails he exchanged with Ms. Broadwell were certainly not confidential by IT security means [4] while sending them unencrypted. Further, according to IT security's requirements, we face a new meaning what is availability under Gmail terms: Allowing access to private communication, even if sent months ago. Since obviously, neither any communication partner used PGP [5] or S/MIME [6] to protect their mails (otherwise the FBI could never decrypt their private conversation residing as mail-files on Gmail's archive tapes), even the third paradigm of IT security was violated: integrity.

Using these insecure communication links, anybody could infere in the delicate dialoge and perhaps manipulate mails. Thus, Mr. Patraeus positioned himself as a perfect attack vector for cyberspace espionage and potential infiltration [7]. Glad that you did resign Sir! You don't understand the rules of the game.

PS: Since we are already in the espionage/agent business: Do you know Steed [8] ?


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