29.07.2012: Zafusa ... and the Ring of the King

While I was driving today to the Frankfurt Airport this morning, in the children's program on the radio station HR2, the African folktale 'The Ring of the King' was broadcasted. A story selected by Nelson Mandela and available as his 'Favorite African Folktales' [1].

This fascinating story becomes even more interesting being performed by Alain Rickman (Hogwarts' Snape actor) available on YouTube [2].

This story reminds me very much with the current financial crisis: We have the King, perhaps represented by the ECB and being empowered by the people, the European countries respectively. Among those, we recognize the thieves taking more than allowed from the common share. Zafusa may be considered to be the Rating Agencies.

Their service is to throw the bones and to predict, who is guilty or not. Their magic -- as Zafusa's -- is based on psychology: Spreading the news, the thieve is pinpointed in such a condition he cannot act any further except to fulfill the requirement of Zarfusa, even though the magic ring is on his finger.

Remember: There is more than one kind of magic.

We shall not forget, the King honors the service of Zafusa with a lot of gold.


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