4.07.2012: CERN's Higgs: I think we have it!

Today, the international news popped up with the news a 'Higgs boson-like particle (has been) discover(d)' [1] The german press even applauded 'Physicists celebrated breakthrough discovering the divine particle' [2],[3]. However, neither the paper of CERN's Atlas collaboration [4] nor the corresponding analysis of the CMS collaboration [5] is by far a direct evidence of the Higgs boson.

Rather, a (minimal scheme) Higgs boson with rest-mass of 125 GeV/c is used to explain the bumps in the distribution. Certainly the decay channel Higgs => γγ is the cleanest one and provides the most direct evidence [6].

However, after the recent failures announcing new physics, a conservative approach seems to be appropriate and a statistical evidence of some more σ is required.


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