11.06.2012: Joachim Gauck: Germans to the front

A remarkable speech was unfolded by the new German Federal President Joachim Gauck [1]. In essence, it turns the whole construction under which the Bundesrepublik of Germany (West) and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (East) was founded by the surviving combatants of the 2nd World Word ('Four Powers') into it's opposite.

Both armies -- being founded by the respective superforces -- the USA and the (former) USSR -- incorporated the idea of a defense army to defend each block against the respective enemy. Historically, this was contemplated by a substantial amount of aggressiveness at both sides [3]; either explicitly or implicitly during which both blocks tried to gain first strike capabilities. The summit of this development was to bring mid-range nuclear weapons 198x into operation; either the so-called SS-20 [4] or the Pershing's [6] and Cruise Missile's [5] commanded by Ronald Reagan |7]. Fortunately, due to Mihhail Gorbachev's [8] Glasnost [9] politics, and the Western European peace movement (where I participated to some amount) the danger of a nuclear strike [10] , which was clearly present at that time, did not become reality.

Since from 1985 the 'east-block' practically vanished, this impetus has gradually changed for the 'Bundeswehr' [2]. A common sentence is to 'defend Germany at the Hindukush! -- or reversely -- 'Germany can not be defended at the Hindukush!'.

In short: Any attempt to turn the 'Bundeswehr' into a global acting force, does not coincide with the purported funding principles and does neither match the original 'command' of both armies. Though I principally questions the civilization character of any army, the current opinion of President Gauck is an affront against the common western European history and puts it upside down [11].


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