17.05.2012: State of Independence -- Donna Summer died

You probably know Michael Jackson and his album Thriller. Jackson died with age 51 and his music can be understood as the summit of disco pop. Today, I've heard the news Donna Summer died [1]. You might not to know here; but she's the predecessor of Mr. Jackson.

Donna Sommer came to Germany with the Musical Hair [2]. Her first (disco) records were realized by Girogio Moroder, an Austrian producer. In 1983, her album 'Donna Summer' came out -- produced by Quincy Jones. This was the 'blueprint' of Jackson's Thriller, carrying already all the musical elements which became dominant the next decade.

While the 'State of Independence' (written by Vangelis and Jon Anderson) became a hymn (in particular for the homosexual listeners) the rest of the album is lacking this spirit.

Fare well, Donna. You influenced the pop music and the German society significantly. The 'Age of Aquarius' [3,4] shall come. We love you.


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