22.04.2012: Men and Wolves -- no mercy ...

Since a few week, the local press reported a wolf has been spotted in the Westerwald area, close where I live. This is the first sighting since 1818 in this region [1].

Unlike discussed in German's tales 'Little Red Riding Hood' [2], wolves are in particular very shy and are unlikely to enter man's civilised areas. Here in the Westerwald (engl. western wood) we have a signficant population of deers, wild pigs, foxes, and now the only wolf. The population is mainly not impacted by hunters, but rather the car is the new and the most deathly enemy.

The area, where the wolf was seen first, was close to the beautiful middle-age city Hachenburg [3] and not far from the abby Marienstatt [4]. If I would be wolf, I very much would chose this place.

However, there seems not to be no common place for men and wolves. The wolf was shut by a hunter a few day ago while he killed a deer ... [5]


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