21.03.2012: No (homo) sex anymore -- for dutch boys

Yesterday, I was again in my father's hometown in the city called now Landgraaf located in the south part of Netherland's provincie Limburg [1].

Unlike the rest of the Netherlands, they speak their own dialect [2] and they are catholic. Across the street of my father's house the roman catholic church is the most prominent building -- of course realized with the typical red brickstone architecture [3] -- attracting in particular the children to the church, while providing a soccer place and the Oratorium, which have been one of the favorite places to go while my father was young.

Comparing the catholic church in the Netherlands with the same church let's say in German's bavaria -- where the catholic believe is much closer to natural religion [4] then anywhere else -- the catholic church in Holland plays only the role on an underdog with respect to the calvanic/protestant church in the rest of the country [5]. I always had the impression (being raised in the catholic region in Germany as well) that the dutch catholic church needs to proof that they are the better christians and need to missionary even their own people constantly and the rest of the country too.

Obviously, the structure within the dutch catholic church was close to a brotherhood and the sexual frustrations of the priests (comparing their lives with the liberal married protestant priests) gave rise to a widespread sexual abuse of their beloved sheeps as reported recently by the dutch bishops themself [6].

However, even this radical report seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. Today, (german) press media annonced that to some extend dutch boys have been castrated on demand in the St. Josephs hospital, in case the priests realized their homosexual orientation [7,8].

I'm wondering what really happend inside the brickstone wall's of the Oratorium my father was entering regarding the perverted religious practices during his youth back in 1950.


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