17.2.2012: Narhalla march for ... Christian Wulff

You may ask: What is a Narhalla march and who is Christian Wulff and why that date??

Let's start with the most long-lasting topic!

The date: It's carnival season in Germany [1]. Yesterday was Old Wive's Carnival ('Altweiberfastnacht'), on monday we will celebrate the traditional Rose Monday. The German carnival tradition is based on the exemption of the winter season (from the anciant German culture) and the (silent) prototest against Napoleon's occupation of Germany, allowing an articulation of protest on that very occasion (also called the fifth season).

Narhalla: The gods of the ancient Germans were believed to lived in the Walhalla, a place comparable to the Heaven in the Jewish/Christian religion, but more violent [2].

The German carnival tradition allows (political) free speech for any celebrator. It seemed, that German's current Federal President

Christian Wulff has carefully chosen that date to proclaim his retirement after a series of scandals discussed intensely in the German public and press [3]. According to the carnival's tradition, the speaker enters and exits it's speech with the Narhalla march.

Actually, I would not reference that very occasion, if not just about one year ago the former Minister of Defence (Dr.) Theodor zu Guttenberg needed to resign [4] because of this Phd thesis, which was proved to be mainly copy'n'pasted from other sources. One year before, I called this kind of political style -- using the press to purport (fictious) political actions rather to let them report and comment on real ones -- applying the german/french term boulevardisation of politics.

Anyway, feel free to download my suggestions about indexing and referencing sources inside a document, complying to scientific standards [5].


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