5.2.2012: Left to right: Germany - A Winter's Tale -- Section XXVIII added ....

When I still was a grammar school pupil and was working in my summer holidays to save each 'pfennig' for a Yamaha HiFi amplifier, during my night shifts I read Heinrich Heine [1] and in particular his 'Deutschland ein Wintermärchen' (Germany, a winter's tale [2]).

It seems, the german society added during these very cold winter days the following section to Heine's essay:

While marauding neo-nazis -- though under observation of the german intelligence office (BND) -- killed several alien german residents during the last decade, they have not been accused but rather the BND 'sponsored' some thousand Deutsch Marks aiming them to buy forged passports for camouflage [3]. The same neo-nazies ganged together in February 2011 in a rally in Dresden. Locals, antifa groups, and in particular some politicians from the party 'Die Linke' ('The Left') tried to block the neo-nazi assembly


and were picked by the police to be accused to be 'gang leader' [4]. According to the german justice, they shall pay 500 or 700 euro as financial punishment, thus the case could be closed. While not following this advice, the left-winged politicians -- being elected members of the federal parliaments in Hessia, Saxonia, and Thuringia -- were subject to loose their legal immunity [5], protecting in particular those NOT to able to be accused due to political activities.

Dear Heinrich Heine, did Germany really progress over the last centuries ?

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